My wonderful guide dog, Kila, died in November of 2016. Wolfie wandered up to the house the next month while I was sitting in the hot tub one morning. I walked him and took him back to the neighbor who owned him, but he escaped again. Every day. For the next month or two. Finally, I asked if I could just have him and happily, she said, "Sure.".

Wolfie was born in July or August of 2012 and died of Lymphosarcoma on Tuesday afternoon, March 15th, 2022 around 5pm. He had spent the day exhausted from his illness and wouldn't eat or drink. He had been 57% white sheperd (from his dad) and 18% Alaskan Malamute, 8% Siberian Husky, 7% Gray Wolf and a smattering of Border Collie, Samoyed & Even a tiny hair of Chow Chow, according to the DNA test. He weighs 120 pounds and has a 37 inch girth. He's a big sweet puppy.


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