Fellowship Going South
by Leslie Fish

What is courage now?
Is it just to go until we're done?
Men may call us heros when
they can say we've won
but if we should fail, how then?
What is courage now?

Mountains to our side.
Standing like a wall against the sky.
Show no path to let us through
But still we search and try
Silver snow and stone cold blue.
Mountains to our side.

River from the pines;
we can hear your echo far away
to your banks our step must lead
help us on our way
we who know you learned your speed
River from the pines.

Star above the world.
Seeing down the ways that we must go
Throw down light to guide a friend
or how else can we know
if there's help where pathways end?
Star above the world.

What is courage now?
In the hope we know that holds us fast,
Bear us to that final door
and win us free at last
or we touch this world no more
What is courage now?