The Gray Flannel Lion By Melissa Pinol

a Parody of Grey Funnel Line by Cyril Tawney, copywright by Gwyneth Music, Limited


Don't mind the Glare
of the CRT.
A Hacker's Life
Never Worried Me
But the Hardest Time
In a Lion's Day
Is keeping Credit-
ors at bay.
Here's one more day
for the Gray, Flannel Lion.
The finest cube
in which ever I sat
is still a prison
for a wild cat.
and the Finest Food
That the Company Sells
Cannot Compare
to a Raw Gazelle.
I had some Dets
that I had to Pay.
I put on a Suit
and Rode Away
to Silicon Valley
I was Forced to Flee,
To Spend my Days
with a Mac G3.
I miss The Savanna.
I miss The Grass.
I Sat Around
on my Furry Ass.
I miss The Lionesses
who'd bring me Food
or who'd Mate with Me
when They're in The Mood.
Somehow, someday
or so ever I dream-
I'd slip away
from this damn machine.
Back to the Savanna,
I'd return once more.
And be a Gray Flannel Lion
No More.