The Garden

By Brian PearsonBrian Pearson

(From the album "Tam Lin")

When will I wake and see the morning?
The harsh light fading in the golden air
Since from garden twix't dusk and dawning
My lady came and she took me there.

No winter comes there and time lies sleeping
By the frozen fountain on the silver lawn
And the cradled wood holds the world in keeping
in the dreaming garden between dusk and dawn.

My eyes are dry and I feel no sorrow
Save in the garden between dusk and day
There's no yesterday and no tomorrow
Still my heart is hollow and cold as clay.

There's no death here but there is no growing
The spirit sickens with the love she gives
I cannot leave but I must be going
For my life's borrowed from the life she lives.

For the endless dance at last grows dreary
The grey ash glade grows dry and sere
And the pulse beats slow and the heart grows weary
For time and chance and the passing years.

I'll leave her soon but the chains that bind me
Are soft as silk and as cruel as fear
She'll wake one day and she will not find me
And which of us will shead a tear?