The Captive
Heather Alexander
from an Album called, "Freedom, Flight & Fantasy"
She sits and she weeps and she weeps all alone
in a prison disguised as a bower.
She was bought by a lord for her wealth and her land;
she was sold by her father for power.
Now she who was free as a bird in the wood
is caged in a prison of gold
and wing-clipped she longs for the life she has lost-
the wild swan that noone could hold.
Below in the hall where her lord sits to drink
he boasts how he conquered her pride
"Just a touch of the stick, did she not run away
as she did as a child- oh, she tried."
"But I was prepared for her tricks, you have seen-
I've no forest, just croplands and fields.
All my horses are gaurded, my sentries alert,
and 'gansed elf magic- cold iron sheilds."
"Though we caught her before- she was out of the gate
and I tought her to never try more.
What I get, I will hold!", he was raising his cup
when a sentry appeared at the door.
"There's a montibank, sir- a magician he said
that for shelter and hope of reward
says he'll entertain you, sir, and all of your guests"
"Well is he any good?" asks the lord.
"Why, judge for yourself!" cried the mage at the door
though whence he came noone could say.
And with that, he began to produce wonderous things
such marvels, their breath stole away.
When at last he was done, they shook off the trance
and the lord tossed him gold with a smile
saying "Well done, sir mage! Would my lady were here
but she finds evening gatherings a trial."
"Good, my lord" said the mage with a low humble bow
though his eyes were not humble at all
"I pledge in the morning before I depart
in the meadow in front of your hall-
I will show you more wonders than you have yet seen.
Bid your lady come watch if she will."
"She will come!" said the lord, "I'll escort her myself."
Though the mage smiled; his eyes were cold still.
In the morning assembled in front of the hall
were all that could get leave to be
and the lord and his lady- his grip on her arm
leaving bruses where noone could see.
And the mage moved his hands and the crowd hushed it's noise
each one staring as hard as he could
and at last she looked up and he gestured once more
and the people froze still where they stood.
Now he walked to the lady, a smile on his lips
and a tenderer smile in his eyes.
And he took both her hands and he said, "You are free!"
"What, do you find this a suprise?"
"You, once the friend of the feathered and furred
and found yourself trapped in the net.
You were the friend of the forest's fair folk-
Did you think that your friends would forget?"
"With cold iron, this brute kept the Elflords at bay-
-cold iron stops their magic, it's true-
But they called upon me who am also their friend
and I am as human as you.
"Now come" and he drew her away from the lord
who never more her lord would be.
For the joy in her face, he'd have risked ten times worse.
Then he cast the last spell to set them free.
Now as though from deep slumber the people awoke
at his side then the lord felt a lack-
Saw his lady was gone while then over his hall flew two odd swans-
a white and a black.