Susan B.

by Leslie Fish

"Oh, Susan B.-
Don't bother waiting up for me.
I'm going out with the boys-
for a little fun.
Lock all the doors
before you do your chores,
don't let any strangers in
and get the dishes done."
"Sorry darling Charlie,
but I've got a date to keep.
The other girls are waiting,
I can hear the car horns beep.
When you read tomorrow's paper dear,
don't let it shake your sleep
That they found some rapist sloughtered
in the morning."
"Oh, Susan B.-
Come fetch my coat for me.
Don't you ever dress nice at home?
You look dumb in black.
Those boots and beat-up jeans
make you look like a damn marine-
be sure that the floors are clean
when I come back."
"Yes my darling Charlie,
I'll be cleaning up all right.
The girls and I are going out
to sweep the streets tonight.
And noone ever sees us dear,
except for one last sight
And they'll find the rapist sloughtered
in the morning."
"Oh, Susan B.-
Now try to listen well to me-
Sure the crime statistics' down,
but take no chance.
Stay locked up safe at home
-it's dangerous for girls to roam
outside your own from door-
even in those pants."
No my darling Charlie,
I will only stand and wait.
Some other girl will wear the skirt
and look like Hefner's date.
And Goddess help the horny pimp
who comes to take the bate
for they'll find the rapist sloughtered
in the morning."
"Oh, Susan B.-
Have some beer in the fridge for me.
Are you putting on weight again?
Your arms look thick.
If all that exercise
did nothing, I'm not suprised.
When will you get tired of
that fitness kick?"
Never darling Charlie,
for this isn't flab but meat-
six months of heavy training now
and three months on the street.
And after years of running,
yes, revenge is very sweet.
And they'll find the rapist sloughtered
in the morning."
"Oh, Susan B.-
Fix the zipper on my shorts for me.
Do something with your face and hair.
You look so plain.
When I go out on the street
the girls there look so sweet,
then I have to come back home to you?
It's a real pain."
"Never darling Charlie,
do you hear one word I say
and well I know the kind of games
you play when you're away.
It wouldn't much supprise me
if you don't come home by day,
and I find that I'm a widow
in the morning."