Silver Whistle
Maddy Prior & June Tabor
from the "Silly Sisters" Album
Tune by Jonny Moynihan
Jacobite song from Flora MacNeil of Bara
Oh, who will play the silver whistle
When my king's son to sea is going
To Scotland prepares,
prepares his coming
upon a large ship o'er the ocean
The ship is has three masts of silver
With ropes so light of french silk woven
Upon each end
are fixed golden pullys
To bring my king's son ashore and landed
When my king's sone he comes back home
No girtle scones will be food for him
But loaves of bread
bread will be baking
for Charles with eyes so blue enticing
Oh, welcome to you, fame & honor
fiddles and choice tunes attend you
I will be dancing
I will be singing
and I will play the silver whistle