Question Song
Ian Corrigan
The moon is high above the hill,
and we have come to work our will.
What is your will, oh children wise - oh?
To call our queen who rides the skys - oh,
Our silver queen who rides the skys.
But is she dark or is she light?
How shall you know her in the night?
What is her talk unto her own - oh?
That she among you might be known - oh,
that she among you might be known?
She is bright as starlight, clear.
Yet in the dark we know her near.
The three-fold moon is her own sign - oh,
that we may know her as devine - oh,
that we may know her as devine.
How shall you call her from the stars?
How shall she here you from afar?
And if she comes into this place - oh,
how shall you name her regal grace - oh?
How shall you name her ancient grace?
We dance the circle nine times nine.
We bow before her holy sign.
Draw down the moon upon the green, oh.
Come to Diana as our queen, oh.
Hail to Diana our bright queen.
(repeat first verse)