Out on the Astral one day
Jim Alan
Out on the Astral one night,
I spied an incredible sight.
There down below me
were strangers in white robes,
going through some kind of rite.
All my carma is going away
I stand in the white light.
My aura shines real bright
but my carma is going away.
I floated down to have a look.
They were reading from some kind of book.
Then one did see me,
and he started screeming:
"My gawd, it's some kind o'spook!"
They got out big flaming swords,
and before I could say a word
they came running at me,
all swinging those big things
and shouting out these funny words.
They chased me all over the plains,
shouting out strange holy names.
They said they were friends,
but they threw hot pentagrams.
If they caught me I'd never be the same.
As I crossed over level fourteen,
I tripped over something unseen.
And as I fell, they came on with a yell
and a bible bounced off of my bean.
They cut me into little bits,
and exorcised the part that they missed.
With sixteen Our Farthers and some holy waters
I was Baptized and Cleansed and Dismissed.
So if you're out on the astral someday,
and you see these guys coming your way,
Put on your white robe, set your aura on Day-Glo
and start shouting angelic names!