The Ride
By Brian Pearson

(From the album "Tam Lin")

         Out of the darkness
         On the road to the grey hills run
         Cold as moonlight
         Terrible as the sun

When the doors lie open at halloween
On glimmering hills and lands unseen
The oldest of old that the world gave birth
Ride again through the woods of earth

From time before the word was spoken
Moon struck or promise broken
The rider of the firstly sun
The children of the twilight come

When the great stone groans on the windy plain
And the corn ever sang in the springtime rain
And the calf is lowing on the hill
The grey host rode and is riding still

When the eagles came with their wings outspread
And the hard road rang to the legion's tread
When the war ran straight from coast to coast
Come to the starlight rode the host

When they came from the north with their ox and plow
And the live blood hung upon the bough
Ran the knights between the earth and sky
He saw the host go riding by

When clamoring bells and chanting priests
Proclaimed the dead god from the east
And churches rose on every hand
Still the grey host rode the land

When gold was gone and labor cheap
And heralded manors built with sheep
And forest flamed and smoking mill
The grey host rode and is riding still

By tarred loch and lurid streets
Where sirens wail and buses sleep
Over the stink and wasted life
Where the only god is nine to five

The grey host rides in the dead of night
And the city is shadow to their sight
Beyound the mist of centuries
Still shine the stars and the ancient trees

Out of the darkness!