Out of the Doghouse

By Melissa Pinol, 23-Feb-96

Parody of The Ride by Brian PearsonBrian Pearson

(From the album "Tam Lin")

         Out of the doghouse
         On the road to the trash we go
         Black, brown and spotted
         Hunting our ancient foes!

O poodles and shepards asleep in the sun
Come join us on our wild run!
Open your ears to our howling spell
Come run, come run, with the hounds of hell!

Beware, O cats if you leave your houses
We'll hunt you like you hunt them mouses
Mailmen as you follow your routes
Beware, beware, that the pack is out!

Dog catchers driving down the road
We'll surround your trucks and steal your souls
Neither net nor noose can help you now
As we drown out your radio pleas with howls!

Dog-haters all, don't take the chance
We'll bite you all in the seat of the pants
We'll nip at your ankles and drive you home
Beware, beware, till the pack is gone!

We'll find your trash cans one by one
And scatter their contents on your lawn
We'll dig up your flowers and crap on the grass
Beware, beware till the pack has passed!