Never Understate Your Case
by Bob Kanefsky (9/84)
Parody of "Never Set The Cat On Fire" by Frank Hayes
Never understate your case
When writing songs for Fandom.
Such subtlety won't help erase
Behavior rude and random.
The best reaction will be seen
With verses graphic or obscene.
No, never understate your case.
And mind your scansion
In all the lyrics you replace,
But never understate your case.
Don't talk of burning up the cat
Or roasting fire-lizard.
As soon as your friends hear of that,
Your lifeline may be scissored.
And relatives won't put much stock
In being buried in a clock.
Don't talk of burning up the cat.
Never filk a song that's solemn.
That seems rather shabby.
As recommended in a column
Written by Dear Abby,
Try doing work for charities
Instead of writing parodies.
And never filk a song that's solemn.
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