As I walked down through Edinboro town
One misty morning early
I overheard a fair pretty maid
lamenting for her Jordy
"Come bridle me my milk-white horse
Come bridle me my pony
that I may ride to the King's high court
to plead for the life of Jordy"
And when she entered in the hall
there were lords and ladies plenty
Down on her bended knee she fell
To plead for the life of Jordy
"Oh, my Jordy never stold no cow nor calf
He never hurted any."
"He stole 15 of the King's bay horse
and he sold them in Belany."
Two pretty babies have I born
The third lies in my body
But I'd gladly bare them over again
for the life of bony Jordy
The King looked over his left shoulder
He said, "Fair maid, I'm sorry."
He said, "Fair maid, you must be gone
for I cannot pardon Jordy."
"Oh, my Jordy will be hanged in a golden chain
Tis not the chain of many
He was born of King's royal blood
but he'll hang as high as any.
But up and spake the royal queen
and, oh, but she spoke bony
"Tell down, tell down 500 pounds
and ye shall have your Jordy."
Some gave her marks, some gave her crowns
Some gave her dockets many
500 guennies she's paid out
and won the life of Jordy.
She's mounted him on a milk-white horse
herself upon the pony
and she's rode home at his right hand
all full of the pride of Jordy.