The Hand of God
by Jula Echklar Copywrite 1986, Barn Burner Music
You stood simply regal
all shadow and ire
more difference between us
than that of the fire-
For difference is wrong,
and I'm different from you
and you'll crush what you can't understand
You've taught me that sheltered
we're destined to stay
You claim that it's right
we should cower this way
For man must never question
what nature has planned.
You said, "It was all by god's hand."
And we're all in the hands now of god
from here on mere mortals have failed;
No matter the cost nor the cause-
The streinght of the lord must prevail
He shows us the wrong and the right
forbids us to speak and forbids us to fight-
protects us from dangers that prowel through the night
for we're all in the hands now of god, now of god
we're all in the hands now of god
We're just two legged rabbits hid safe underground
afraid to admit that we've long since been found
If we ignore death it just might go away
and leave us back where we began
Just denie any questions outside a small range-
feel safe all our lives cause for our lives cannot change
We'll be told if it matters that we understand
and be led to the end by god's hand
So behold here the triumph god's wisdom has won
behold here the damage that can't be undone
Stagnation is good and we're good to the core
while faith rots us like salt rots the land
If your god helps the helpless, may he help you all well
I'm bound for the outside to find my own hell
If defience means death I would die before stand
like a sheep to be thrown to god's hand