Misty Lackey and Heather Alexander from an Album called, "Freedom, Flight & Fantasy"

Living is dancing, dream riding -Fire Daughter-
a ring of bright water, a glint in the sun
Learning is chancing so if you are caring
come forth and be daring not fearful to run
Growing is chaning, stagnation is dying
So why not be trying a path that is new?
Spend your life sitting upon a tree's branches
If you take no chances your dreams can't come true.
Living is learning of starshine and wonder
of dew drops and thunder, the world and yourself
Inside be turning and outward be growing
you won't find this knowing in books on a shelf
Learning is doing, not watching and waiting
nor sadly debating what you fear to try-
Seek your renewing, your own path be making
the magic's for taking so take it and fly!
Yours is the power and yours is the duty
from grimness bring beauty and joy out of pain
let yourself flower, by fire enfolded,
by discipline molded, through trials, new gains
Teaching's not giving- you learn by the striving
To fail, yet surviving to once again try-
Striving is living, the struggle renewing
Till by your undoing, you've conquered the sky!