The Bard's Exhortation to the Salaryman

by Leigh-Ann Hussey

Here is me, singing this. 2.3 MB MP3

You laborer in glazen tower,
all burdened with bureaucracy,
hark to my song for but an hour
unscheduled under time-clock's eye.

Cast off, cast off your silken tie;
your collar stays let fall aside.
Rise up and leave your CRT.
one moment in the wilds to bide.

Come away to the hills
Come away where the wine of life distills
to the healing of your heart's ills,
Come away, come away.

Leave now your fax & your briefcase,
your calculations of expense,
your pager and your database,
dreams and desires locked deep within.

Let daylight play upon your skin,
unfiltered by high impact glass,
and leave the parking lot and fence
among unpotted trees to pass.

Hear how it rings along the halls
as e're it drew us to the grove,
the lark ascending as she calls
the music of the birch and oak.

Lift off, lift off your paper yoke,
let forms and meetings pass forgot.
and your thoughts in sweeter slow tracks move
out here where deadlines matter not.