Lyrics by Mercedes Lackey
Performed by Heather Alexander on an Album called, "Freedom, Flight & Fantasy"

It's the choices that you make
and the ones that you don't
that define what you will be
what you are and what you see...
All the promises you've kept
and the ones that you break-
All the things that you have bound up
All set free...
Every Nexus on the road;
every branching path-
means a choice you can't refuse-
even choosing not to choose...
For the Now becomes the Past-
You have passed the node
and to win can be a different way
to lose...
It's so hard to see ahead
-though behind it is clear;
if you'd only known that then
But there is no start again...
You cannot erase the stains
on the life you have led
and the path of now will change the path
of when...
All the things you can't forget
-All the harm that you've done
When you fail to be a friend;
When you broke what did not mend...
Can you learn the lesson there:
Do more than just regret
or deceive yourself
with all that you pretend...
It's a spiral helix flow
-never twice the same-
Only once you pass this way
you can never hope to stay...
Let the chissle carve the stone
from the best that you know
for you sculpt tomorrow
by your choice today...