Bold Raynard (Traditional)

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You gentlemen of high renown, come listen unto me
That takes delight in fox hunting by every degree.
A story now I'll tell to you concerning of a fox
All royst in hill and mountain side and over stony rocks.
Bold Raynard being hid in his hole and hearing of these hounds
which made him for to prick his ears and tred upon the ground
"Me thinks me hears some jubal hounds pressing upon me life
Before this day to me shall come, I'll tred upon the ground."
We hunted full four hours or more, through pattishes sixteen
We hunted full four hours or more, and come by Beckwith Green
"Oh, if you'll only spare me life, I'll promise and fulfill
to touch no more your feathered folk, nor lands in yonder fold."
Bold Raynard being all out of breath come treding of his ground
Thinking he must give up his life before those jubal hounds
So here's a due to ducks and geese likewise young lambs also
They've got poor Raynard by the brush, and will not let him go.