Blue Bread Mold

By Leslie Fish

from the album,
FIRESTORM- Songs of the Third World War
Find a few survivors
The doctor's come to town
Tell me all your simptoms please
and hall your trowsers down.
Half your troubles these days
don't need to be told
but I can cure the other half with
Blue Bread Mold
{Chorus repeats twice}
Blue Bread Mold,
The story must be told
Nothing keeps ya' livin like the
Blue Bread Mold
I notice that your bleeding
and it isn't monthly flow
How you got yourself cut up
I don't need to know
But wash your wounds with alcohol
before they're dry and cold
and finish it with a dusting of the
Blue Bread Mold
Now you, you've left this cut to long;
It's stinking and it's blue.
But don't consider suicide,
I've just the thing for you
Come here, you guys and hold him down
if you would be so bold-
We'll clean this out with bleach
Then with
Blue Bread Mold
And you- You've got a nasty cough
a fever and the shakes
Just swollow this stuff twice a day-
a spoonfull's all it takes.
That'll cure it proper
If it ain't the comon cold
for ten days gobble garlic juice and
Blue Bread Mold
Now you look strong and healthy
so what's the problem please?
You say there's just no flavor
in your local sheep-milk cheese
Well dust this powder on the curd
and stir and roll and fold,
You can change your cheese to Roakford
with the
Blue Bread Mold
So listen to your travelin' doc
before I have to go
To keep your wounds with water clean
you already know.
But listen you survivors
If you plan on growing old
then keep a generous breeding stock of
Blue Bread Mold
Blue Bread Mold,
a treasure more than gold
You can call it Pennacillin but it's
Blue Bread Mold