OR="#0000FF" SIZE=4>Blood and Gold
Traditional on an album by
Maddy Prior & Jun Tabor called, "Silly Sisters"
On rides a captain and three hundred soldier lads
out of the morning mist and through the silent snow
Whistling gayly rides the captain at their head
Behind him soldier boys sadly weeping go...
Oh, when you took my gold and swore to follow me
you sold away your lives and your liberty.
No more you'll till the soil, no more you'll work the land.
No more to the dance you'll go and take girls by the hand...
Oh, Mother Weep for your son.
He has gone to kill and die.
You'll weep, you'll die by the keep edge of the sword
all alone by the muddy danue shore
He gave the order for the drummers to beat their drums
That mothers all might know the life a soldier lives
Unfurle your ragged banners and raise your pale young face
You'll all go in the fire, there'll be no hiding place
Oh, mother hear that drum beat in the village square
Oh, mother that drum's for me to go a soldier'n there...
Mother, sisters, wives; weep for us
Marters can we die alone