The Knight at Fallshire Faire

By David of Bagulay (mka David Bigelow)

Come listen a while and I will tell of a blacksmith and his wife

And how they came to Fallshire Faire and found unending strife

But it's all in fun and only serves to make you all aware 

Of the glorious good humor of the people at the Faire

A brave young knight was kissing the blacksmith's wife so bold and quick

The blacksmith crept behind his back and grabbed him by the neck

The knight was startled to find himself a-dangling in the air

“What really effective kisses have these ladies at the Faire”

Chorus: Fallshire Faire my friends, Fallshire Faire

The knights do battle near Seattle in their armor there

The husky smith then growled a bit and did himself assert

He squeezed the knight in a hug so tight he scarce could bear the hurt

Through the crackling of ribs the people near said of the pair

“How inspiringly affectionate are these people at the Faire”

The blacksmith grabbed a chicken which was all there was at hand

And with it beat the knight as across the tournament field they ran

The battling knights upon the field did drop their swords and stare

“What really unorthodox fighters are these fighters at the Faire”


When the blacksmith and the knight came to the dancer's place

They were trying to kick each others' shins at a fast and furious pace

Which made the dancers jump with joy and shout out loud, “What flair!

What strange and awesome dances have these dancers at the Faire”

Then the knight cried out, “Let's rest a bit for I feel as heavy as lead.”

And the blacksmith said, “Well have some ale,” and poured some on his head

Which caused a drunkard sitting near to weep and say, “How rare

How generous with their ale are these people at the Faire”


Then the knight hid in a potato sack but the blacksmith saw him hide

He beat the sack with a big long stick as to the cook he cried

“I'm mashing your potatoes,” and the cook could only stare

“How curiously helpful are these people at the Faire”

Then suddenly a sword stuck out of that potato sack

Followed by the knight who cried out, “Now I'll get you back”

And as they ran cavorting off the cook sat in his chair

“How absolutely crazy are these people at the Faire”