Bessie Bell and Mary Grey

Child Balad #201

Bessie Bell and Mary Grey
They were twa bonnie lassies
They biggit their bower by yon burnside
And thackit it o'er wi' runshes

They thackit it o'er wi'rushes green
They thackit it o'er wi' heather
But the plague cam fea the Borrow side
And buried them baith thegither

Bessie kept the garden gate
And Mary kept the pantry
Bessie often had to wait (lived in want)
While Mary lived in pleanty

They would not wear the shoes o' red
Nor yet the shoes o' yellow
O but they wad wear the shoes o' green
Tae run through the streets o' Yarrow

They thought to lye in Methven Kirkyard
Amang their noble kin
But they maun lye in Stronach Haugh
Tae biek (bake) forenent the sin (under the sun)