by Leslie Fish

Oh, do not seek to know what lies
Behind these mild and patient eyes
For I have seen deamon's power
And even let the monster run
In certain unforgotten hours

The fire that sleeps with the blood
can waken to a burning flood
that sweeps away whatever moves
Before the wordless killers eyes
Oh, do not try to see it proved

So leave the devil where it lies
Cast no blood into my eyes
And never place my life in threat
For when the monster comes alive
If you survive you won't forget

The roar when language falls away
The vision leakes to black and gray
The speed that makes the wind feel slow
The strength beyond the bone's design
These are the signes I too well know

I wear my weapons openly
Tolarent, kind though I must be
I keep the Fenrus wolf in rein
But this much warning I must give
That while I live the beast remains