AFTER THE FESTIVAL by someone called, "Buzzard"

(Parody of "The Magic wheel" by Wings of Vanthi )

I'll sing you one, O
Oatmeal and mushrooms O
What is your one, O?
  1. One is one and not much fun, let's go and find another one
  2. Two for "Tube" the toothpaste god, of Colgate, Crest, and Gleem, O
  3. Three hours of sleep
  4. Four the grams of sacrament
  5. Five the hickeys on my neck
  6. Six the workshops I have skipped
  7. Seven the rocks under my bag
  8. Eight the giant mosquitoes
  9. Nine the nine used condoms
  10. Ten for the eight O'Clock ritual
  11. Eleven the bodies in my tent
  12. Twelve packs of Anchor Steam
  13. Thirteen hours of hallucinations