A Sea Shanty
Probably Traditional, Performed on an album by
Matty Prior & Tim Hart

Here is me, singing this. 2.6 MB MP3

Adeau, sweet lovely Nancy
Ten thousand times, adeau.
I'm going to plow the ocean, love
to seek for something new.
Come change a ring with me, dear girl
come change a ring with me,
That it might be a token of true love
while I am on the sea.
And when I am all on the sea
you'll know not where I am.
Kind letters I will write to you
from every foreign land.
The secrets of your heart, dear girl
are the best of my good will.
So let your body be where it might
my heart will be with you still.
There's a heavy storm a'rising
see how it gathers round.
While we poor souls on the ocean wide
are fighting for the crown.
There's nothing to protect us, love
or keep us from the cold.
On the ocean wide where we must bide
like joly seamen bold.
There's tinkers, tailors, shuemakers
lay snoring fast asleep,
While we poor souls on the ocean wide
are plowing through the deep.
Our officers commanded us
and then we must obey.
Expecting every moment
all to get cast away.
But when the wars' all over
there'll be peace on every shore.
We'll return to our wives and our families
and the girls that we adore
We'll call for liquour marily
and spend our money free
And when our money is all gone
We'll boldy go to sea.*