My wonderful guide dog, Kila, died in November of 2016. Wolfie wandered up to the house the next month while I was sitting in the hot tub one morning. I walked him and took him back to the neighbor who owned him, but he escaped again. Every day. For the next month or two. Finally, I asked if I could just have him and happily, she said, "Sure.".

Wolfie was born in 2014 and he's a White Shepherd mixed with either an Alaskan Malamute or Red Wolf and Timberwolf, depending on whom you ask. I've not yet sprung for a DNA test to know for sure. He weighs 99 pounds and has a 37 inch girth. He's a big sweet puppy.


Hi! I'm Wolfie! <Wag, wag> When I'm down at the pub, I tell all the other dogs my dad was a Redwolf and Timberwolf mix, but he was probably a Malamute. But don't tell anyone, okay? My hobbies are chasing dear and bunnies and wild turkeys and occasionally ground mammals -- you know, rats, voles and mice and so on. I'm very respectful towards skunks and I own a nice friendly human named Ben. He gives me lots of treats! Woof! I have a great life!

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