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How to program a Baofeng UV9RPlus

  1. Toggle between VFO and Channel mode by turning off the radio and turning it back on while holding the MENU button down. If you’re in Channel mode, pressing the up and down arrow keys changes the channel. If you’re in Variable Frequency Oscillator (VFO) mode, pressing the up and down arrow keys moves the frequency up or down.
  2. There’s a top frequency and a bottom frequency in the display. There’s a tiny triangle on the left showing which one is active. In order to program frequencies into memory, you need to have the TDR function ("Dual Watch") turned OFF. While off, you can only receive on one channel at a time. To toggle between the two, use the EXIT button. If you turn TDR back ON, then you can receive two channels at the same time. TDR must be turned off to program memory. To turn it off, press MENU and then press the UP or DOWN arrows continuously until the display says, "TDR". Shortcut: Menu-7. Then press MENU again and then press up or down until the display shows "TDR OFF". Then press MENU again and then EXIT.
  3. In frequency mode (See above, step 1) push the buttons until the desired frequency is displayed. If you make a mistake, just fill out the frequency you’ve chosen and then do it again. Once a frequency is chosen, you can just keep pressing buttons and replace whatever’s there.
  4. You must choose simplex (for direct communication) or duplex (for repeater operation). Press MENU and use the up and down arrows until you see SFT (Frequency Shift). Shortcut: Menu-25. Press MENU, then press up or down until + or − or OFF is shown. OFF is simplex. + means transmitting at a higher frequency than receive. − means receiving at a higher frequency than transmit.
  5. If you’re using a repeater, you must type in the transmit-receive offset. This is a 6 digit frequency in MHz. It always defaults to 000.000. So you press Menu-26-Menu and then 000600 for the standard 2 meter offset or 005000 for the standard 70cm offset. Then press menu, then exit.
  6. Most of the time, you’ll have to turn on T-CTCSS. Menu-13-Menu. Then type 0 to turn it off or type in a number of Hertz, such as 1035 for 103.5 Hz. Press menu to write this value. Press Exit. You can set R-CTS (menu-11) the same way if you wish.
  7. You might need T-DCS (menu-12) and R-DCS (Menu-10). They work the same way as T-CTS and R-CTS.
  8. Now you can test to see if you’re hitting the desired repeater or not. If it all works and you’re satisfied with the squelch setting (menu-0) and the transmit power output level (Menu 2), you can write this to a memory location. It is always a good idea to delete whatever is in that location first. Even if you have previously reset the radio to factory defaults and erased all the memory, the memory location zero already has a frequency in it and must be erased before it can be written. Press Menu-28 then menu then scroll to (or type in the numeric number of) the memory channel you wish to delete and, when it is displayed, press Menu to delete it. Then press Exit.
  9. To write this receive frequency and transmit offset and direction to a memory location, press menu-27-menu and then scroll to (or type in) the channel number, press Menu and then Exit.
  10. Put the radio back into channel mode by turning it off and then back on again while holding down the Menu button. Wash, rinse, repeat for the next 99 channels. Easy, huh? No need for a complicated software cable hookup and spreadsheet. No muss, no fuss. All done. Get another radio and program it all again because it’s so fun!

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