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Episode 10 -- April 18, 2016 -- Transistors, Amplifiers, Oscillators, Mixers, Superheterodyne Receivers, AM and FM Modulation; Pledge Drive, Radio Dave guest stars.

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  • Multimeters
  • There are only 4 ways to preserve food in a wharehouse

  • Sugar does everything to each organ in the human body that alcohol doess (with the exception of the brain; sugar and alcohol make brains do different things, everything else, they do the same thing to).

  • Cocaine comes from a plant which is the only source of vitimane C (To prevent people dying of Scurvy) in the high altitude mountains in Bolivia. They chew on the leaves or make it into a tea. It's also very restorative to your musculature.

  • Introductory Radio Theory
  • AM -- Amplitude Modulation

  • Frequency Modulation

  • The easiest way to describe the root of almost all of the world's problems is to observe that you cannot jail a billionaire.

    Richard Nixon created the Petrodollar. Basically, rather than continue to peg the US Dollar to $35 per ounce of gold, Nixon needed to pay for wars and social programs and for that he needed to print way more dollars than he could without dumping the gold standard.

    So in 1971 he made a deal with OPEC and Saudi Arabia under which no country in the entire world would be allowed to buy oil (for gas for engines or other petrolium products which every industrial society requires) unless they paid for it in US Dollars. In this way, he could print as many dollars as he needed and rather than the expected hyperinflation, every country in the world needed dollars to live so everyone bought into the scheme. The US Military would defend Saudi Arabia and every other country against those wishing to trade oil for any other currency so that the US Dollar would remain strong, no matter how much of it was printed into existance.

    We invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein tried to trade oil for Euros. We now have proof from the Clinton emails that we invaded Libya and killed Muammar Gaddafi specifically because he was planning to create a pan-african gold based currency (Libya has a lot more gold than the USA).

    What's amazing about this is that the US Dollar is not owned by the US Government but rather by a few families who own stock in the Federal Reserve, which is the entity which is allowed to proft from the printing of US Dollars. You see, every single US Dollar which is brought into existance and given to anybody anywhere in the world is LOANED and not given. We all owe Interest or - to put it more simply Rent on the money supply to a group of trillionaire families who have created this monster system of the Fed, the International Bank of Settlements and the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. They use these tools to take over every country in the world and, so far, they're almost completely succeeded. There are just 3 left

    Now, the whole system is falling apart and that is causing a lot of the world's current tensions. The Criminal syndicate which forces every country (except those 3) in the entire world to have central banks which are beholden to the International Bank of Settlements (and the World Bank and International Monetary Fund along with the monsters who own the US Federal Reserve) is worried and flexing it's muscles by, among other things, trying to:

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