Current Residence 2720 Carmel Avenue (since April 12, 2012)
Clearlake, California 95422


Or you can email me at <lazylion> at this domain.

From San Francisco:

Take Interstate 101 North to Santa Rosa. Towards the north end of Santa Rosa, exit at the sign that says, Guerneville/Calistoga on "Mark Springs Road". Head east towards Calistoga. The road curves around a bunch. Past Safari West, turn left onto Petrified Forest Road following the signs to Calistoga. In Calistoga, turn left onto Foothill Blvd and then an immediate right onto Tubbs Lane. That dead-ends into hyway 29. Turn left on hyway 29 towards Middletown. Remain on hyway 29 through Middletown and Hidden Valley and, when you get to Lower lake, the road changes names to 53. Then, stay on 53 and follow signs to Clearlake. In Clearlake, turn left at the light onto Lakeshore drive. Follow Lakeshore Drive west to the lake and then continue as it turns north (right).

Or From Sacremento

Take hyway 5 North to Hyway 20 West (Hyway 16 is a good shortcut when the weather is mild). Take Hyway 20 west to the roundabout with hyway 53 south. Take 53 to Olympic drive and take Olympic straight west to the end and turn right onto Lakeshore drive.

Lakeshore drive winds through Clearlake (northbound) and goes uphill and turns sharply to the right and then there's a light at the top of that hill -- Lakeshore continues to the left.

If you should miss this turn, take the next left (on Arrowhead) and follow it to a 5 way intersection with Country Club & Gulf Course and a Y with Sulfer Bank to the right and take San Joquin which is the left fork. You will pass by the top of the gooseneck in a mile or so. (see below).

If you didn't miss the turn, continue Down and up and left past the Parkview Market and Clearlake Park Post Office and continues north another mile and a half to a formation called, "The Gooseneck" in which Lakeshore takes a 120° turn to the right and goes steeply uphill for a block and then Lakeshore continues to the left at the top (and San Joquine goes back to town if you turn right). Take that left at the top of the hill and go 1.5 miles to where the road turns left and goes steeply back down to an intersection by the lake again, and keep going right (north) (if you'd gone left, that'd be Silverado Lane, a dead end). The next street you come to is San Jose. There's a woman in the neighborhood who doesn't like strangers so she always turns the sign so you can't see it. San Jose is directly adjacent to a dock with a diving board at the end of it. Turn right up San Jose onto the dirt road (getting a good running start up the hill) take the second left onto Carmel Avenue. (passed Oakhurst, which was the first left). My house is the second to last on the right. There's a sign. The driveway is steep and windy but paved. Or you do as most folks do and park down by the blue and white garage. Rembmer that after my house, Carmel turns to the right and goes steeply up and it impassable without 4-wheel-drive.

Sometimes, I wander around with an APRS Encoding Amateur Radio Transmitter. When I do, you can see my location on the map, below. I am identified by my callsign, WB5QAL followed by a mobile designator, in this case, -3.

Latitude: 38.9879 / 38° 59 min 16 sec North Longitude: -122.694 / 122° 41 min 38 sec West
Grid Square is CM88px