Why am I a Macintosh Bigot?

In recent years, there has been a lot in the mainstream press about how microsoft is taking over the world and how insignificant Apple is.

It's pretty understandable why they do this. Every programmer -in order to do her or his job- must spend a significant amount of time, money, intellect and -yes- even emotional energy learning any operating system, language and computer platform- in addition to whatever expertise is required of them for writing their unique software. It is no wonder that all of us become flaming fundementalists when it comes to the area of expertise in which we each have spent so much of our own personal energy. It's pretty much the difference betwen having a career and having to start over almost from scratch every few years.

Since some 65% or so of computer programmers know microsoft's operating systems, there's no need to wonder why so many of them feel threatened by Apple. Apple's software products -particularly it's operating systems are consistently better designed and therefore easier for users to use than those of microsoft.

Not only does the Macintosh provide a clearly superior user experience to normal humans over other operating systems, but it's technological lead continues to increase. Fortunately for me, this will continue until humans everywhere may enjoy their computer experiences rather than having to rely on expensive consultants and microsoft products. Don't take my word for it- follow the links and read the results of a few of the independant studies. This one is typical.

Study after study has shown that Macintoshes are less expensive to support and maintain than Wintel machines. Wintel computers typically cost four to 10 times as much in support costs. Even Intel’s own internal study showed that it was costing them four times as much to support Windows machines as it did to support their Macintoshes (yes, Intel used Macintoshes for mission critical work — and since that study they have been expanding their use of Macintoshes).

Independent studies over the years continually show that worker productivity is substantially higher on Macintoshes than on Wintel computers. And the difference is greatest in the creative fields (pre-press, illustration, digital photography, 2-D and 3-D animation, 3-D modelling and rendering, film special effects, broadcast video editting, CD-ROM production, multi-media, music composition and performance, sound editting, and web site production), where the Macintosh is the most prevalent computer (even more than the high end graphics work stations — and Macintosh OS X (formerly Rhapsody) will bring the Macintosh to the high end graphics work stations late this year).

See also: http://www.unix-vs-nt.org/, John Kirch’s article “Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX”

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