Saucey Programmer
By Bob Kanefsky Parody ofSaucey Sailor
Come, you young one
Come, you single one
Come be my delight-
Could you fancy
a poor programmer
who will work hard
through the night
Oh, your dirty, love
and unshaven, love
and your jeans are full of holes
And to wed with a poor programmer
is not on my list of goals.
Though I'm dirty, love
and unshaven, love
and my jeans may not be new
I've got millions in my bank account
and in stock options, too
Oh, then why did you
not say so
in the first place, pray tell
"You're a software engineer, my love
for I love you so well"
Do you think that I'm such a looser, then
and so down on my luck
that I'd marry a poor yuppy girl
who would soon spend all my bucks
I can search the world's lonely hearts' ads
in the blink(ing) of an eye.
Just you watch now, I'll be wedded
to some other girl by and by
I'm compatible, I'm excentric
user friendly and free
and I don't care a single bit, me boys
what the world thinks of me