Hadramauti (Thanks, jjm!)

Lyrics by Rudyard Kipling

Music arranged by Leslie Fish

Here is me, singing it. 3.1 MB MP3

Who knows the heart of the Christian -- How does he reason?
What are his messures and balances -- Which is his season?
For laughter, forbarence or bloodshed -- and what devils move him?
When he arrises to smite us -- I do not love him.
He invites the derision of strangers -- He enters all places.
Booted, bare-headed he enters -- with shouts and embraces.
He asks of us news of a household -- whom we reckon nameless
certainly Allah created him -- fourty fold shameless.
It is not so in the desert -- one came to me weeping.
The avenger of blood on his track -- I took him in keeping.
Demanding not whom he had slain -- I refreshed him; I fed him.
As if he were even a brother -- but Ebless had bread him.
He was the son of an ape -- Ill at ease in his clothing.
He talked with his head, hands and feet -- I endured him with loathing.
Whatever his spirit conceived -- his countinance showed it.
As a frog shows in a mud puddle -- yet I abode it.
I fingered my beard and was dumb -- in silence confronting him.
His sole was too shallow for silence -- even with death hunting him.
I said "It is weariness' speaks," -- but when he had rested
He chirped in my face like some sparrow -- and presently jested.
Wherefor then slew I that stranger -- I brought me dishonor.
I saddled for him my mare, Bijli -- I set him upon her.
I gave rice and goat's flesh -- and he bared me to laughter.
When he was gone from my tent -- swift followed I after.
Taking my sword in my hand -- the hot wine had filled him.
Under the stars he mocked me -- therefore I killed him.