Almost Every Circumstance

Maddy Prior & June Tabor

from a Silly Sisters Album called, "No More To The Dance"

Here is me, singing this. 1.6 MB MP3

Seven Days are in the week in almost every circomestance
and there's four seasons in the year, or so we learn at school
Ah, but never count your chickens when your dealing with the wymen
For many's the wise man fell asleep and wakened up a fool.
The first time I met my love was on a Monday morning
and the second time I saw her was a Tuesday afternoon
When she kissed me on a Wednesday, I couldn't wait for Thursday
But I can tell ya now, me boys, that Thursday never came
My love, she took the winter time and turned it into springtime-
I never thought that love could change the world so much before
I gave my heart and in return she promised me the summertime
But I can tell ya now, me boys, that summer never came