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This is just a site about me, Ben Weiss. It contains neither witty commentary nor interesting graphics. Okay -- a few bits of interesting graphics. I just put it here so that those to whom I am introduced may learn more about me. If you're looking for Kila the Magic Husky's Ham Radio College, click here.

I live in Clearlake, California in a lovely home. I used to belong to a beautiful Siberian Husky named, Kila, but sadly, she passed away in November of 2016. Now, I live with my cat, Emily. My other companion, Wolfie died on Tuesday, March 15, 2022. Prior to Wolfie's, residence, Kila and I used to enjoy sailing together. Wolfie and I used to take long walks regularly.

I spent several years as a full time student at The University of New Mexico, studying Economics and Political Science and electrical engineering. Sadly, I kept getting C's in calculus so I gave up on those dreams and instead I obtained certificates in Residential Home Framing and Carpentry and residential wiring from the Central New Mexico Community College. I've always wanted to know how houses are built.

Here are few words about me physically and about some of my attitudes and beliefs. My friends have suggested that I ought to mention a couple words about politics as well.

My eyesight isn't very good. In fact, there is a legal standard for blindness here in the US which I meet even with glasses on. I was born this way. Here are more details about exactly how and why my eyes are what they are. Here are a few thoughts about the ways in which this condition has influenced my life.

Since 1980, I've been a professional computer programmer. Since 1987, I have been a Macintosh Programmer. Here -in case anyone's interested- is my resume. I am now retired. I find that it hurts my eyes too much now to stare at a computer screen for more than a half hour at a time these days. I traveled for a few years after retirement before going back to school.

I spent my last working year on Proteus for PrintCafe at MData in Chandler, Arizona. Before that, I spent the previous year working at Dragon Systems in Newton, Massechusetts, writing the Macintosh version of their continuous speech dictation software, but they were purchased and then they died. :o(

But what's going on in my life today?

I've spent many years using Facebook for my life but now I'm in the process of beginning to blog here instead. Here are a nice set of instructions if you too want to get off of Facebook. I flew a drone for a while and you can see the results on my Youtube channel. Here is my latest old blog. Here is my previous blog. Here is my very old blog. Here is my extremely old blog.

I am much better at expressing feelings verbally than in writing. Although, on occasion I've been able to get something across in writing. Here, for instance, is an essay I wrote in 2006 because a teenager asked me "Why should I do the right thing if there wouldn't be any reward?". And here is an article of mine on the subject of saying No which was published and here is an essay I recently wrote on the subject of violent conflict. And here is a recent essay on popular methods of fighting terrorism. Of course, technical writing doesn't count- that's just information- that's easy.

Picture of me ARRL

I've been enjoying Ham Radio more lately. I have an Amateur Extra class license. My call sign is WB5QAL. I've been a life member of the American Radio Relay League since 1977.

I have done volunteer community service work for The San Francisco Sex Information Hotline. I wish more such services were available to the public. They're very cool.


I have also been involved somewhat with The Human Awareness Institute. They are so cool, I often recommend others to take their weekend seminars.

I enjoy dancing regularly. I play the celtic lap harp and the plucked dulcimer and a penny whistle or two. I sing the old songs. I have begun actually singing some of them for you in MP3 format.

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